Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Yahoo Mail Vs GMail

Is Yahoo Really 100MB?
The site says so. But if you log in using your old yahoo account, it
still says that you are using xx% out of 4MB (true as of June 15, 2004
9:40AM +5GMT :) A friend reported that this was not the case with him

But if you create a new account, the amount of total storage it
displays is 100MB. Still updating their records :)

I created a new Yahoo account of 100 MB and sent 2MB files thrice to my new and old yahoo accounts. My old yahoo cannot accept the third file as its quota of 4MB exceeded. My new yahoo account accepted it :)

Need a GMail Account
check out gmailswap.com

also note that if you log in blogger.com (another google website) you
may get a gmail account

GMail Accounts for Sale
GMail accounts are also available for sale on eBay:)
The price crashed from 60$ to 0.25$ now

GMail Spam Protection (interesting article):

Spam Filter Comparison?
Any security geek out there who can compare the spam filters of GMail
and Yahoo? Could be an interesting project for MS

Where is Microsoft?
As usual always late. Any comments:) Still sleeping in redmond I
guess. Perhaps Gates will prefer to buy google :) HOTMAIL IS DEAD

GMail Spoof

Article on Google Business Model / Risks / Valuation


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